Health & Wellness

At Care One of Florida, we believe that the best medical care is preventative care, so we offer a full range of health and wellness programs in our Spring Hill, Port Richey, and Brooksville clinics. Healthcare experts say that 25 of the 30 years added to life expectancy for Americans over the past century can be credited to advances in preventative medicine. Having annual Physicals can help your physician better track your health progress and keeping up to date on all required or recommended Immunizations and Vaccinations assure that your body is able and ready to mount a defense against many common diseases.

Improve and Maintain Your Health

Among the Programs for Health & Wellness Our Clinics Offer Are:
  • Focus on health maintenance
  • Age specific health screens
  • Disease specific health screens
  • Familial / genetic risk factor analysis
  • Lifestyle risk factor analysis
  • Lifestyle modification plans
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Exercise guidance
  • Smoking cessation guidance
  • Weight Loss guidance
  • Annual basic physicals

These programs are developed by highly-trained, caring physicians and nurse practitioners whose years of experience have helped them quickly identify health risk factors in patients. Based on careful analysis of your family history, nutritional and exercise habits, age and lifestyle choices, we can help pinpoint potential health risks and tailor a health improvement and maintenance plan for your unique needs.

To improve and maintain your health, enroll in a Care One of Florida program for health and wellness in Spring Hill or Brooksville today. Got a health and wellness question? Use our easy, online "Ask a Question" feature to reach a qualified health care professional. Call us today to find out about our health and wellness programs.

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