Sports & School Physicals

Brooksville, Port Richey, Spring Hill FL

For teen, collegiate and adult athletes, Care One of Florida offers convenient, thorough sports exams to make sure you're ready for the next competitive sports season. Whether it's soccer, skateboarding or synchronized swimming - whether you're battling your biggest rival for the next championship title or simply aiming to beat your personal record, the best athletes know that their health comes before their game.

Formally known as "pre-participation physical examinations" (PPE), sports physicals are required annually by Florida law (s.1002.20(17)(b), Florida Statutes) and the Florida High School Athletic Association in order for any high student to be allowed to participate in any activity related to interscholastic athletic programs. The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) also requires annual sports physicals and mandates that all sports physicals be performed by medical doctor or osteopathic physician. Most high school, college and league sports programs also draw from the American Heart Association's Recommendation for Cardiovascular Participation Screening of Competitive Athletes when developing rules and regulations concerning athlete healthcare.

Care One of Florida conducts sports physicals in full compliance with Florida statutes and NCAA guidelines. However, even if a PPE isn't required (for instance, if you're playing on your church's softball team or simply love to work out, run or enjoy Florida's beaches from atop your surf board) a sports physical is recommended for all highly physically active people. It's particularly important if your medical history includes serious illnesses among other family members; illnesses such asthma, diabetes or epilepsy that you may have had as a youngster; previous injuries, hospitalizations or surgeries; allergies; or blackouts, dizziness, chest pain or trouble breathing while exercising. It's also important to disclose whether you're on any prescription or over-the-counter medications or herbal supplements, as these can affect not only your athletic performance but your health.