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Worker's Compensation Clinic in Brooksville, Port Richey, Spring Hill FL

If you're an employer in the Tri County area who cares about both the well being of your employees and the financial health of your company, or if you're a patient who has been injured because of a workplace safety issue, you'll want to find a highly qualified workers' compensation clinic. Spring Hill, Port Richey, and Brooksville are home to a Care One of Florida medical clinic offering top-notch healthcare analysis and treatment services for employers and employees.

Each member of our staff of highly qualified physicians and nurse practitioners is board certified for workers' compensation, which means they're specifically trained to both identify health conditions that may contribute to future workers' compensation claims, and to effectively treat injuries and illnesses that commonly occur in workplace environments. Whether you're an employer looking for the best candidate to fill your open position, a prospective employee who wants to make sure you're physically ready for that new job, or a worker who has been injured and needs to prove a legitimate claim, our workers' compensation clinics have the experience and expertise to help.

Serving Employers & Employees

For Employers:

Care Tight economies often tempt employers to skip pre-employment physicals. Not a good idea! For instance, say you advertise an open position that requires heavy lifting. The worker you hire with two strong arms, it turns out, also had a soft tissue injury several years ago. One wrong twist or too-heavy lift can exacerbate that latent injury and leave you open to a big workers' comp claim. It's up to physicians to accurately assess whether and to what degree an injury is directly related to a patient's current job or more attributable to a pre-existing condition. One degree's difference can mean thousands of dollars disappearing from your company's coffers. Care One of Florida's workers' comp clinics in Spring Hill and Brooksville can help your company on both ends of this scenario. We can accurately assess whether a potential hire is physically able to do the job, protecting you from a worker's compensation claim. And if an on-the-job injury or illness does occur, we can help identify whether an employee's (often undisclosed) pre-existing condition is primarily or partially to blame.

For Employees:

If you're a Tri County area resident on the short list for a new job or promotion, Care One of Florida's comp clinic can make sure you're physically fit for the task. If not, we'll let you know and immediately develop a plan to improve and maintain your health so that the next opportunity won't pass you by.

And, if you're an employee who has been injured or become ill due to a safety failure on the part of the company you work for, we'll not only develop a treatment plan to get you back on a healthy, able-bodied track, we'll also help you with all of the required medical procedures and documentation needed to help you file a valid claim for workers' compensation.

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