Employee Drug Testing

Care One of Florida offers quality employee drug testing of your potential hires and current employees to assure they are eligible for employment remain able to be productive, stable workers. Our five-panel employee drug screenings will let you know if your potential or current employee has recently taken any of the five common "street drugs" including marijuana, cocaine, PCP, opiates (including codeine and morphine) and amphetamines (including methamphetamine). We also can test for alcohol abuse upon your request.

Employee Drug Testing

Health, Wellness & Safety

To help prevent substance abuse from taking hold of your employees, we recommend that you require periodic, unannounced employee drug testing, as well as employee participation in one of our various health and wellness programs. Our familial/genetic risk factor analysis, lifestyle risk factor analysis and lifestyle modification plans can help your employees discern whether they may be prone to substance abuse problems and develop roadmaps to healthier living, and thus more productive working.

If you're a business owner or in a management position of any sort, you know the importance of accurate employee drug testing. Consider these statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor and other Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's Center for Substance Abuse Prevention:

  • Drug use in the workplace costs employers $100 billion annually in lost time, accidents, healthcare and workers' compensation costs.
  • 65% of all accidents on the job are related to drug or alcohol use.
  • Substance abusers utilize 16 times as many healthcare benefits and incur 300% higher medical costs than do non-abusers.
  • Substance abusers are five times more likely to file workers' compensation claims than non-abusers.
  • 38% to 50% of all workers' compensation claims are directly related to substance abuse in the workplace.
  • Substance abusers are 2.5 times more likely to be absent from work eight or more days a year and are late to work three times as often.
  • Substance abusers are one third less productive than non-abusers.

Employees with substance abuse problems also are prone to attitude problems, violence and theft on the job and can affect turnover rates by quitting their jobs, being fired from their jobs or causing fed up coworkers to seek safer, more enjoyable employment elsewhere.


Don't let your company fall victim to a worker's substance abuse. Call Care One of Florida today to schedule employee drug testing for your potential hires and current workers. We offer affordable, accurate employee drug testing at our Brooksville Clinic, our Spring Hill clinic.

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